Why Throw The Old Ways Away

Sometimes I look at my aging body and face and truly see the value of years of use in the etched lines of me. I no longer need the allure of flawlessness to feel comfortable in my skin. Perfection is a little creepy in our bodies that was meant to live fully, then “tell story” and share the wisdom. … [Read more...]

Lotus Light

It’s clear that we live in an escalating, geopolitically kinetic world now where all the macrocosms seem to be short-circuiting and the microcosms aren’t exactly “short-cutting to nirvana” either. We’re doped up, as a species, on psychotropic meds, pop-culture distractions, virtual social worlds and … [Read more...]

This Turn In The Road

One of the most powerful experiences of my recent life was an international trip I took during a great transition. I say great because it came on the heels of a profound and painful personal loss. It came in the window between two worlds; the east coast world of a twenty year life living in the … [Read more...]

Everything Is Paint

  My journey along the creative path has followed more than a few directions, but painting in oils certainly took up a dominant turn.  When I was a young child living on Kanto Mura Family Housing Annex in the Kanto Plains region of Japan, my mother got together with a bunch of military … [Read more...]

Lamplight Is Spiritual

  My choice to make lamps came naturally from my interest in investigating the spiritual in life. Well make that upper chakra, mostly in my head spiritual life… I’m working on my heart always but I float around in my head a fair amount. When I chose an object of craft that I wanted to focus … [Read more...]

My Approach To Making Lamps

My approach to making lamps follows a creative tension that most artists move between. Plan ahead, yet embrace accident and play. Construct and deconstruct in turn. Start and end with the basics but interject a load of novelty in between. Put the finished piece away and come back at least once for … [Read more...]