Lotus Light

It’s clear that we live in an escalating, geopolitically kinetic world now where all the macrocosms seem to be short-circuiting and the microcosms aren’t exactly “short-cutting to nirvana” either. We’re doped up, as a species, on psychotropic meds, pop-culture distractions, virtual social worlds and TV. Our global economic picture is bleak and the chickens of synthetic food and non-germinating seeds are coming home to roost. So what is going on?!


That’s right. (Look it up but give yourself a rabbit holes worth of time to do it.) Solioonensius. It’s one of the charming words the philosopher Gurdjieff made up to convey a very profound concept. Now I’m not a Gurdjieff scholar but let me see if I can convey it. He posited that large upswings of strife and war were not caused by the political machinations of man but by “planetary tension”. There were psychic,  or similar tensions caused by large celestial bodies when they came too close to each other, or interacted with each other electro-magnetically in ways we have yet to perceive through plasma exchanges. A violation of personal space so to speak, like someone passing too close to you or even just rubbing you the wrong way. He held that Solioonensius is perfectly verifyable, just beyond the reach of our ken or instruments. Small occurrences might last very briefly out there but cause long-playing reverberations down here. J. G. Bennet, a man who knew and wrote extensively about Gurdjieff put it like this..

“This state of tension arises from the relations between the planets. I do not mean by this that it is something supernatural or mysterious. It is a perfectly natural process, connected with the changes in the balance of electrical and other energy in the solar system. For example, it is already suspected by science that the occurrence of sunspots has an effect upon the human psyche…

In a more subtle and pervasive manner, great regions of the earth’s surface, and sometimes even the whole of the earth, become subject to a state of tension that produces in people a strong sense of dissatisfaction with their conditions of life. They become irritable or aggressive, apprehensive, nervous and highly suggestible. Gurdjieff said that knowledge of Solioonensius existed thousands of years ago, and that he took the term from a very ancient tradition. At the present time, its significance has been forgotten or lost.”

Well we certainly have a load of space weather bearing down on us in the form of quasar bursts, plasma clouds and solar activity to name a few. Plasma, or ionized gas, makes up 99.999% of the visible universe and reacts strongly to electro-magnetic activity. The growing theory is that we live in an electric universe. We are awash in it. All of the gas giants are having storms of the century. We may even have a solar twin closing in on our neighborhood (see “Celestial Treasure Hunt” a NASA video on youtube) in a perfect storm tuned to the precessional phasing of our wobbly world and our sun’s alignment with the dark rift in the center of our galaxy. Wow. Start with googling “space weather” and you’ll see what I mean. The basis of the Electrical Universe theory is that all the forces in physics, the weak and strong, gravity and magnetism, are unified in a faster than the speed of light electrostatic force. Atomic charges are made up of even smaller, faster, sub-charges. It would appear to be the primary force in matter. We should arrive at a better understanding of this force and it’s effect on our personal and group fields in due time. But for now there’s no mistaking the sh_t is hitting the fan.

But wait. There is another complementary interpretation of the cosmic law Solioonensius. The very same storm that overtakes the asleep mortal not on a path of personal work, engenders a love of freedom that accelerates conscious evolution in the “three brained” being alert for the help being sent in this emanation of higher energy. It’s a palpable quickening and acts like a step-up transformer. This is what I call “Lotus Light” – the source light bleeding through now in this uptick. I believe that if you vibe in the higher frequencies it showers down as a steady pulse in resonance with your own vibrational scheme. Your wave-form signature. If your make-up is a little denser it would feel overwhelmingly frenetic and strobing. Like current life does… bearing down on us. Bur just to stop, slow to a quiet and observe it – is enough to sync the entrainment of your own being with Lotus Light. It’s not rocket science or available only to the masters. Entrainment is the phasing in of a lower frequency to a higher or vice versa, depending on the more powerful. The easiest pathways are through our two strongest rhythms… heatbeat and breath. Brainwaves follow. Meditation and breathwork facilitate. I believe these technologies work for everyone. They are wired in our species from millennia of use, and our given birthright as cosmic sojourners.

So give the concept enough credence to play with it. Gurdjieff had other ideas about geographical locations on this planet that were magnets for incoming Solioonensius. It won’t surprise you that the Middle East was mentioned (Egypt and environs) decades ago. There are untold records of spiritual apex and political morass both in that region. I could speak more about the transducer  qualities of the great pyramids but that’s another page. Watch the geomantic weather sites hosted by NOAA and the NASA SOHO (solar and heliospheric observatory) downloads and see if you “see” the patterns too, especially with earthquakes…

www.swpc.noaa.gov and http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov respectively.

Or you could go down the more fringe internet sites for a real interesting ride. Keep your attention on the Lotus Light and notice, notice, notice. Stay alert.