Lamplight Is Spiritual


My choice to make lamps came naturally from my interest in investigating the spiritual in life. Well make that upper chakra, mostly in my head spiritual life… I’m working on my heart always but I float around in my head a fair amount. When I chose an object of craft that I wanted to focus on it wasn’t a random choice. Lamplight is spiritual. The symbolic nature of creating objects that emit light completely satisfies my sense of the ongoing dialectic with Spirit and my joy at living in an Electric Universe. Push a button; flip a switch and voilà, out pours light from a thing of beauty. My early concerns with paint were always born of a desire to convey the same astral and energetic realms that bleed through to this materium from some mysterious source. (Materium is a relatively obscure term that I love. It grew out of the webbot and gaming culture, and conveys the concept of 4D consensus realspace, where karma and missions are worked out.) There is this 360° visual world that swims into the framework of my conscious mind at all times and while I may attend to the 160° arc between my peripheral boundary for the most part – I can always sense, and sometimes interact with the remaining span of hyper-visual input. When Spirit permeates through the cracks it becomes clear that we live in a photonic universe of floating and weaving subtle information, always present, always manifesting new seed forms and hinting at our eventual return to a light body pure consciousness stream someday on this evolutionary path.

I have been interested in esotericism, alchemy and the hermetic arts since I was a teenager. It flows that my imagistic references would touch on that world. My Alchemy lamps and the pair of lamps I’ve titled Adytum ~ Folly of Light, and Adytum ~ Folly of Darkness, play on the primary dualistic/creationist impulse for balance between realms of light and dark matter. The collage elements are from the Christian mystic Jacob Böhme and the alchemist Robert Fludd. They are meant to convey the play or playfulness of spirit into the birth waters of this materium. Turning on a lamp is an action we do thousands of times over the course of a life. Before that we lit a fire. What if every time we did that act we took a moment to notice how enlivened our experience is when we open to the magical fissures of transcendent light pouring through – something akin to the wonder of the first electrical light switches being thrown, before the act became so automatic and disregarded. Like trailing that path of invention back to before the switch, before the match easily lighting flame. Like looking at the stars before we obscured their light with our reasoned post-modern negations and taking nothing for granted but the hyper-real in everyday life. That’s a lamp I would love to make!